Wednesday, 5 October 2011

athens, greece, II

Did someone say party?

So after a much needed nap it was time to get my act together.

Let's pick up the pace here, we are in celebration after all...

...on to the wedding party!

Personalised m and m's
Candy Candy everywhere

The Greeks sure do know how to celebrate!

A sugared white/dark/mint chocolate almond...or bellini?

Plenty of fruit.

What a very healthy idea.

Was that for dessert?

No, it's for the cocktails...

I've got a lovely bunch of...

Now, for the main attraction.


Sea Bass
Peach, flaked almond salad
Fresh tomato pasta...fresh greens
Incredible lentil cake
Sliced mushroom, parmesan salad
Fillet of beef, chicken and beetroot crisps

Then I lost my head for a minute!

All the better to see you with my dear...

I said my congratulations to the happy couple...


Then I got tucking into dessert. Beautiful chocolate mousse wedding cake, a meringue and ice-cream bombe and a creme patissiere...

Things are getting messy now, along with my etiquette!

Amazing...the next day, apart from peeling my face off the pillow, I have time to visit the Acropolis museum, which is stunning. STUNNING.

Please, NO photo's!

Through the glass floor there is a little restoration taking place

Greece, I love you!

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