Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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Athens, Greece

I'm sure you're aware, unless you live in a bubble, that there is a little crisis going on with the Greek economy at the moment?

Well, I'm going to lighten up the situation. Greece is still a wonderful country and I certainly didn't let it deter me from travelling to Athens for the weekend to celebrate a friends wedding.

Perfect timing as I was much needing a punch of different colours, smells, tastes, sights and sounds to revive my slightly bored senses.

So let me PUNCH you...

...hard. This is a long one!

The Acropolis, Athens

We had plenty of time to visit the Acropolis, which was absolutely incredible. I felt a little like I was on the set of Independence Day, the movie. The scattering of people, clambering over dusty ruins! I adore ancient Greece and especially the gods, heroes and goddesses of Greek mythology.

Beware for the shiny polished smooth stone. I was a little concerned for the 'older' generations and their weaker joints...I almost slipped and cracked my head!

'Right, so it's rather impressive then?'....'yes...fancy a frappe?'
The old and the new

'All the world is a stage'

Let's get up and in some of those angles!

What craftsmanship!
I wonder if I could replicate this on my London balcony?
Something England doesn't have much of...SUNLIGHT

Don't worry, the furry fella isn't dead...this is a rather typical scene all over the city, basking in the sunlight and legs a kimbo. He doesn't care who's watching.

I think I'll leave you to it!

We then popped into the 'Grande Bretagne' hotel, to sit on the roof garden and take a look down the stairs...

Don't get dizzy

...and strolled through the streets of Athens, stopping for a sesame bagel snack...

Sesame bagel jenga
...or perhaps a different flavour?
...before admiring the local mint green graffiti!

Wickedy wickedy wack

Phew...boy doesn't sightseeing make one hungry? Thank god my lovely Greek friend was with us. Lead on maestro...

Lead he did, lead us all the way to a superb little taverna 'To Kafeneio' tucked away on a quiet street in the Kolonaki district. GET ME TO THE GREEK!!!! Awaiting us was an array of lamb mince stuffed cabbage leaves and courgette, traditional Greek salad filled with hefty slices of red onion and cucumber. Blocks of feta cheese. Slow cooked red peppers. Chopped green salad with dill. Melt in the mouth pork. Chunky chips. A carafe of house white. HEAVEN.

Greek salad...BOOM
Chopped green salad...give it
Green beans...chips?
The stuffed cabbage leaves and courgette
Up close and personal with my salad...
...and with the rest!

We all turned down the dessert menu. We all rubbed our bellies and stressed how we could eat no more, but upon stretching out into the road, we tumbled straight into 'Fresh' a delightful little pastry shop! Ok, we might have room for a little something sweet...

Strawberry, pistachio, chocolate?
Butter wouldn't melt...
Starting to feel a little hungry again now
You can imagine that upon returning to the beautiful 'Y Hotel' in Kifissia, I promptly fell asleep to prepare for the big night... ...more to follow later...

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