Monday, 28 March 2011

food desert?

Lunchtime is always a difficult one. Assuming most of us work, there isn't always time to loiter around a kitchen and create a masterpiece. In fact most people, if seen eating at their desks, are allowed about 15-25 minutes before eyeballs start rolling with disapproval.

Said under breath 'slacking greedy pig, aren't they working on that powerpoint presentation I gave them 15 minutes ago...'

I myself, am a fan of the loitering lunch option. 1 hour MAX. Just read Peter Mayle's 'A Year in Provence' to fully appreciate what a proper lunch should entail (that option usually includes wine).

I have bought many lunches. Some of them good (Leon) some of them bad (wrong bloody choice). There is NOTHING worse than wasted eating. To finish a meal and be half OK with what you just experienced is severely disappointing and a waste of calories. I've suddenly become sick of eating bought food. I am NOT a fan of Pret and other places of that ilk and in fact, they are all just so UN fresh and they just don't taste how you'd make it.

The only way I am ever truly satisfied is if I actually prepare the meal myself or have some vague planning. I know what ingredients have gone into it and I call the shots. Now considering I spend most of my week in a 'food desert' I am finally proud to say that after 365 days I have finally found where all that food was hiding. The 'Shell' garage!! Who knew there was a sophisticated (slightly overpriced) supermarket buried inside.

Feeling a mild sense of panic of when my next meal was, my friend and I promptly went on a gentle jaunt to break up the day. Wholemeal pittas, Delphi guacamole, smoked ham and a lambs lettuce and radicchio salad bag. Et voila, a delicious clean sandwich. No badies on the back of the packs. No extra sugar slipped in. No butter. No revolting mayo. If you are ever in doubt you cannot go wrong with Delphi food products. Any Londis or 'local' seems to stock them. I swear I have yet to find a bad ingredient in them, and they have delicious chick pea, lentil and cous cous salads. An array of houmous. Stuffed vine leaves and much much more...

Beverly says 'Lunch boxes guarantee that you at the office will get food that fits into the body-improving plan you follow at home.'

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Ashley Nelson said...

I agree with you completely about the pre-made stuff (as you know I am a big label-checker!) I am so happy to go to proper deli's again, the build my sandwich from scratch, exactly as I want it, with ingredients I understand is amazing (although I do enjoy a little mayo haha) The only thing I will admit that I am going to miss is that Pret a Manger Christmas sandwich! But the rest are history!