Friday, 15 April 2011

comfort food

I was feeling a little sorry for myself. The weather was 20 and now it's 12 degrees celsius and my womb was crying out for some love. Oh it's good to wallow in ones own misery sometimes isn't it? Really settle into it. Try and catch a glimpse of your glum face in the mirror and it might just make you laugh again. However, we don't want that just yet, this feels kind of good for one night and it allows for movies like 'Eat Pray Love' and comfort food like mushroom risotto.

What I wanted was mushrooms. I had a huge craving for mushrooms. I was planning to have them sauteed with white wine, butter and parsley. In the fridge I had left over white wine and I also had butter, but no blooming mushrooms...

Unfortunately my local shop didn't have anything exciting. Just the plain old button kind. My dream was almost shattered, but then I found this! Thank goodness. All I needed to buy was an onion and chicken stock (of which Sainsbury's have the pure liquid kind). It's that easy. The bag includes risotto rice, porcini mushrooms and herbs. The only task in hand was to chop the onion, add the mix, add a large glug of wine, slowly add the stock, stir, add more stock, stir and finish off with a large knob of butter and a big old shaving of parmesan. Bellissima!

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