Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a day in food

Have you ever done a food diary? Well I can probably guess that you might have missed half the things you ate that day. We like to forget the little things. 'They don't matter...do they?' Well they do and they all add up. This isn't for the purpose of a food diary, but I thought it would be a rather good idea wouldn't it? To photograph everything you eat in the day? Then you really can't get away with it...
Scrambled egg on toast with green pesto

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. My very good flat mate told me of this tip. A dollop of green pesto. Added at the end of cooking really livens it up. I use 2 eggs and I always cook in a little bit of butter.

Mackerel, beetroot and rocket salad
I am going through a phase at the moment, so here is that mackerel again! It's soooo cheap though. I made up a salad in my little tupperware box. Rocket, beetroot, mackerel, mixed beans (pinto, kidney...), lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, a dollop of cream cheese and a tea spoon of green pesto (yes, I'm also crazy on this at the moment), but real life is using up stock and the ingredients you have. If that means again and again, then so be it!

Lamb, peas and mint

Spiced roast vegetables
As a flat, we all cooked together. Sweat chopped onion. Add chunks of lamb to brown. Add green peas. Add a bit of boiling water to help stew. Crush peas with fork. Add lots of fresh/dried mint. Add few teaspoons of mint sauce. YUMMY. We ate this with roasted vegetables. Chopped sweet potato, carrot, red onion, green pepper. A little oil to coat. Ground ginger, cumin and paprika/onion spice mix to flavour.

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