Wednesday, 13 April 2011

snack attack

Vita Coco
I am currently glugging on a bottle of refreshingly hydrating Vita Coco coconut water! You can find it in specialist stores or supermarkets. Try drinking it and not getting hooked! It is packed with lots and lots of electrolytes which restores the balance if dehydrated and especially good for those weak muscles during/after training. It also has more potassium then 2 bananas. You can get 100% pure, peach & mango, tangerine, pineapple, acai & pomegranate.

P.S. It's 100% natural. No sugar. No yuck.
I am also snacking on these crunchy roasted broad beans! These are seriously filling to eat (you must know that beans are naturally slow release carbohydrates?) so you will eat less than a bag of cashews. I much prefer these to snacking on nuts and far less fattening.

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Ashley Nelson said...

Yummy! The coconut water has been such a massive trend here glad its made it across the pond! Wholefoods literally has WALLS of the stuff hahaha, lets hope you brits get into Kombucha next! I missed them so much living in London, and since my return to the US of A have had several a week! My prefernce is guava...think SYNERGY!