Wednesday, 15 June 2011

change is good

What can change bring?
...change is necessary for growth
I try not to believe in...
but they're so fun aren't they?

Today it said that 'something must change in your life in order to find happiness and inner peace...'

...however, as I was delighting in this news, some cheeky bugger tried to snatch the phone from my hand in broad daylight! He failed of course, due to my claw like grip, but then he had the audacity to saunter off casually on his bike as if nothing had happened. I was kicking myself for not acting properly. I envisioned myself on a crazy sprint down the road, beating my way through every man and woman to eventually hit him off his bike. No such luck...I soon got distracted by Dr Michael Mosley (from 'Inside the Human Body') walking towards me. Damn. I did nothing again.

...were these my moments of change?
...was I meant to act on it?

...perhaps my inner peace would come from stopping reading horoscopes
...and for now I'll just let if affect my supper choice!

I feel shaken up...(sort of) so I'll choose something comforting with a little flash of seasonal colour.

Sautee chopped onion. Add chopped pancetta until nice and crisp and brown. Add sliced mushrooms. With the asparagus, slightly bend each stalk and let it snap naturally, discard the bottom end. Then snap it into pieces and add to the mix, being careful to keep it more underdone if possible. Finish off with a dollop of creme fraiche, a squeeze of lemon juice and add to an al dente pan of tagliatelle. Stir well. Serve with shaved parmesan and cracked black pepper...

Still got some left over ingredients?

Without the mushrooms, do the same sequence with the onion, pancetta and asparagus. This time I added an entire bag of spinach. Slightly less creme fraiche and a squeeze of lemon. Serve with a lovely bit of white fish (haddock or cod) that has been baked with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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