Friday, 3 June 2011

a tale of two lovers

Melon and summer. Summer and melon. When these two are together, everything else sinks into oblivion. Winter can just forget it. It makes me think of Italy. The burning hot midday sun, and the warmth of an old Tuscan kitchen. The sweet smell of ripe melon permeating every inch of the stone and masking anything else. Open the fridge. Melon. Glance at the fruit bowl. Melon. Kitchen = Melon. Melon = Kitchen. It's at its fruity, juicy best when served at room temperature, so the flesh can melt onto your tongue and explode with flavour.

Have you met Signor salty proscuitto di parma? He wants to be with melon just as much, if not more than summer does. When these two get together it's a simple match of unexplainable chemistry. Two opposites from different worlds colliding together to form an explosive union.

'Morning,' Prosciutto di parma said.
'Hey...morning,' Cantaloupe melon replied turning from the window. 'Another nice day I see?'
'Yeh, I think it's going to be a warm one. Do you want to hang out? It's a little bit chilly in here,' Proscuitto di parma quickly added.
'Sounds's been a while,' said Cantaloupe melon. 'Tell pepper on the way down, he's getting wound up.'

And there we have it. 3 ingredients. Melon, parma ham and fresh black pepper. That's all you need. That's all they want.


Anonymous said...

On death row this would be my last meal....maybe with a hint of mayo as learnt in Barcelona.

Fleur said...