Friday, 24 June 2011

an early liking for meat

Dog, Pig and Girl

Since I'm feeling nostalgic, this is anchorman Natalie and co-host Sweep reporting to you from the Hog Roast, circa 1989.

Memories. All my memories involve food...

...that's normal isn't it?
I think it is.

Food is one of the main things in life that involve using all the 5 senses. Enjoy it. We eat with our brains and we eat to feed our brain. Our brain only asks for one thing...glucose. The mechanics of our body asks for one thing...protein and our reserves ask for one thing...fat. We're meant to be attracted to colourful bountiful fruit and vegetables because they're oozing with life's elixir.We're simple animals really. However complex, it's a logical system.

We worry too much, over think too much, are interested in too little, and forget about the little pleasures in life.

Food is one of those pleasures. 

Make sure it's worthy enough.

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