Wednesday, 22 June 2011

sacred sunday

If Saturday was made for brunch, then Sunday, the day of rest, was made for lunch.


It's a special day isn't it? It is the only day of the week that has a sense of occasion...we have to thank religion for something right?

...the breaking of the bread and drinking of the wine??? *nudge *nudge *wink *wink

So, take your time. Put your feet up. Fill up your chalice. Get some friends over....and EAT.

The worst Sunday 'roast' I ever encountered was a plateful of flabby shiny looking white chicken breast (no seasoning), covered in bisto gravy and, to decorate, soft mushy over cooked carrot slices and blander than bland potatoes. I suggest that the cook repent of his/her sins for that one.

'Dear Lord, I'm so sorry for committing such sin in the kitchen with these plentiful ingredients. Please let me fulfil your duty by practicing better flavouring and seasoning....!'

I hope I never have to experience that again...
...certainly not with this meal.

Sliced beef fillet. Potato, pea, edamame, mint salad. Beetroot, tomato salad.

Really do what you want with the new potato salad. Here we have boiled new pots, sliced radishes, edamame beans, peas, chives, mint, parsley, salt, pepper and a mustard dressing (dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil (evoo), vinegar, honey). Play around.

With your beef fillet, rub evoo, salt and pepper all over the raw meat. Make sure you then put into a searing hot (dry) pan, to really brown off the sides. Try and follow the instructions on the packet or ask your butcher, but to have it nice and rare you don't need it on for too long. When you take it off the heat...LET IT REST. LET IT REST. LET IT REST, otherwise you'll have dry chewy meat. The rest period after cooking allows for the juices and flavour to reabsorb and distribute. Allow for 10-15 minutes before carving into medium thick slices (this isn't quite carpaccio). Served with some fresh salad leaves, chives, evoo, s & p.

For a bit of extra va va voom, this is always the easiest option to add to your plate. Sliced beetroot, tomato, parsley, s & p, evoo, and a little red wine vinegar to cut across the sweetness of the beetroot.

Have all your prayers been answered??

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