Thursday, 1 September 2011

apple blackberry compote

Got a little extra fruit handy?

My fridge is usually where fruit goes to die!

I like fruit, but I'm not a huge fruit fan. Some people go crazy for it (my friend once took a grapefruit and yogurt into the cinema as her snack of choice). I myself go in waves. I'll get a craze and will have to buy a bunch of plums or nectarines, but more often then not, the rot begins to show and the bananas turn black! My parents always have their medicinal one apple a day before breakfast, but I've never been one to just hang out chewing on a piece of fruit. I prefer fruit worked into things. Tarts, pastries, puddings, chutneys and jams.

The fate that awaits your fruit at the back of the fridge is reversible and redeemable.

Make a compote.

A compote can be served with yogurt, ice-cream, cream and muesli. A compote can be seasoned with spices, nuttiness and essences. A compote can be made with fruits and dried fruits. A compote can have a little alcohol as a kick.

More importantly, a compote doesn't mind if your fruit is a little bruised and down in appearance. All a compote cares about is the flavour, which is what your tastebuds will be equally pleased to hear.

The blackberries have come early this year, so this was made with cooking apples (3) and blackberries (handful). Whatever pan you use, just fill the water 1cm deep. Anymore and you will end up with a big slop. If you like a thicker consistency then use less. If you have a filled pan of fruit, then keep an eye and add more water if necessary. If you like things 'tart' then there is no need to add sugar if the fruit is sweet enough, but if you need a little extra, then use a fine sprinkling of fruit sugar (you'll need less). Then just slow boil until the fruit breaks downs and softens. How much you cook it down is up to you.

A far more interesting way to get your 5 a day!

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