Wednesday, 14 September 2011

autumnal air

Freshly picked apples and pears, Bedchester B and B

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
(John Keats, Ode to Autumn)

I've been feeling rather out of sorts for the last few weeks.

Does anyone else feel like this? Please say you do! Let's all share in it together!!

My hormones are giving me unnecessary grief. I have a dissertation to crack on with. I still have a job to go to and it's September, so there has been a definite 'shift' in weather. The season is hinting that it wants to move on, and for me this time of year brings a 'back to school' feeling. A slight chill in the air and new stationery.

London feels like it's in limbo land. Summer is over.

Does this sound depressing? I feel 'SAD' coming on. My past experience tells me that sometimes a change of scenery does one good. Perfect timing then that my artist friend was heading home to the South West to take care of some business. This is my second family. My home away from home, since age 2. I better tag along. The family home also makes a damn good B & B. Where better to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors.

I picked them especially for you!

You might be able to tell that apples are in season right now?

Would you like a bite? The flesh is pink

The first sign regarding the apples lay on the kitchen surface...

Crab apple jelly recipe
Crab apple jelly at the ready

I arrived just in time. Dinner is served. Shepherds pie, and garlic green beans. Followed by apple snow pudding with meringue top. This is perfect. It takes me right back to my childhood. We're still sitting around the circular wooden table. We're still helping ourselves to seconds of shepherds pie and apple snow, and I'm still narrowly avoiding spitting water all over the table from laughing.

This is typically English cooking at its best.

It makes me think of the scent of grass in the air and the smell of fresh air on your clothes.

Shepherds pie and garlic green beans
Apple snow pudding...could you pass the cream please!?

Did I mention that I laugh a lot here...

Did you know you're looking puce?

...and then some more...
Alright we get're laughing
...and then a little more...

If the wind changes, we can smile forever

So, since we're in the garden...let's go for a walk and step into the field. What's going on here?

Black cow says to Patchy cow 'Look at that bloody dog, disturbing our peace. Doesn't she know the tree is our silent zone?'

After a little wander, a little rest, a little fresh air. It's time for lunch.

Nothing better than soup to warm the cockles of your heart.

Some tomato, vegetable, bacon, bean soup is bubbling on the Aga
After a mild pulsing it is ready to be dished up
Some hefty grating of Parmesan, a crack of black pepper and it's good for slurping
A meal fit for a king...courgette quiche, grilled goats cheese...salad to accompany
Last but not least, some pudding (I hope the onions didn't go in that!). I'm told that these berries are for breakfast if you come to stay!

So, after all that colour, food, and fresh air, have I cheered you up???

I said, have I cheered you up??

I might have made you hungry...but the season change and September isn't so bad (she chants to herself). If you do feel a little out of sorts then have a change of scenery like I did and escape to the country for a day or two...or at least get into a warm pub, or cinema.

Try and laugh a little helps!

Bedchester B and B

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