Thursday, 22 September 2011

heavy metal

Knives, forks and spoons 11

They say the pleasure in your eating experience is enhanced and influenced by the plate you eat off, the cutlery you use and the setting you create. A plain old orange juice would taste far sweeter and decadent in a crystal champagne flute, would it not?!

Obviously, by the theme of this blog, you might gather that I enjoy food, but with a background in art and in fashion though, I get rather excited when they can all combine together to make something rather beautiful.

My friend suggested that I might like art by Bridget Davies. My friend knows me too well. Much of her work using ink, watercolour, gold and silver leaf. Themes heavily filled with fashion illustration, and intertwined with the occasional 'heavy metal.'

This might make you want to hop down to your closest antique market to pick up some new pieces. Why shouldn't supper on a Monday night for one be a special occasion? You might just appreciate what you're eating...and you might just enjoy it.

Two whisks

Souvenir spoons
Bridget's passion for the bygone era encouraged her visits to second hand shops in search of antique cutlery amongst other bits and bobs. Her first cutlery paintings were slightly different (which can be found in the early days of her blog), and although initially from old worn antique pieces, she now does include a lot of new cutlery especially for the larger pieces. She is currently hastily getting to work on some lovely seed measures tucked away in a beautifully old box and some antique fish sets amongst other things.

Tea strainers 2
Pepper pots
Bridget Davies is exhibiting NOW until the 25th September at the Brighton Art Fair.

Also, at the Palace Art Fair in London from 6th-9th October and at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair from the 11th-13th November.

Lots of spoons
Cake slices

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