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The hour is Brunch, so here I am...

Act aloof and nonchalant - SNAP!
 ...and 'here' is...


Are you familiar with this beautiful brand?

Joseph Autumn/Winter 2011/2012
Joseph Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Judging by the disaster that was 'The Fashion Cafe' in the mid 90's, you'd assume that fashion and food don't mix (believe me...I went, I tasted, I walked away!).

Fortunately for us, when Joseph and Joe's are concerned, it does.

After Joseph was established, the first Joe's Cafe opened under the 16 Sloane Street store in the mid 80's and was swiftly followed by the stand alone restaurant at 126 Draycott Avenue. So synonymous with the 90's cool, my favourite 'Absolutely Fabulous' pair got a fair bit of filming done there...

After that, I was hooked. The chic black and white branding. The jodhpur. The knitwear. I was desperate for my mother to take me to Joe's Cafe. I handed out my CV to the stores. I wanted to be a Joseph girl. Fate would have it that I would end up working there for a couple of years later on in life, and fate would also have it that Joseph would go through an incredible overhaul,  re-threading the essential 90's essence back into the brand for a modern era....meaning...DRUMROLL...fantastic advertising, amazing new seasons and, naturally, the organic evolving of Joe's Cafe, including a new Joe's at the Westbourne Grove store.

Refreshing means a little makeover and a new chef. Case in point. Joe's at 126 Draycott Avenue. Enter Maria Elia (previously Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room amongst others). Together. A Winning combination.

Comfortable, cosy, relaxing

The open all day, drop in, relaxed atmosphere, means you can pop by in the morning to pick up a takeaway coffee. Snack on a cake or sandwich up at the bar, or sit down for healthy, tasty flavoursome seasonal fine dining brunch, lunch or dinner.

A drink, a cake, a sandwich, a waitress

Fun and a sense of playfulness is to be had with the new informal black board taking up the wall as you walk in instructing you to drink some water, peruse the menu or try a stylish strawberry and basil margarita 'skinny' cocktail.

What's on the blackboard?
Diner style informality
Coming for brunch meant a range of choices and the prices are pretty OK too considering where you are. Puddings are only about £3.50!

The 'Brunch' menu
I of course was craving a little egg action, so had the smoked ham, poached eggs and sourdough toast.

Can't beat a poached egg

I also couldn't resist the delightful salt chocolate mousse and chocolate 'dirt.' Genius.

The dirt is good enough for me!
Scattered within the tasteful book shelves are bottles of wine and hundreds of magazines...just in case you forgot which industry Joe's was born from. It's like the perfect study. A women's dream!

Perhaps Gwyneth has been here...I know the rest of the fashion pack have

The cosy environment ensures that it will be the perfect backdrop for BRAIN FOOD at JOE'S, South Kensington, where from mid October, Joe's will be hosting weekly hour-long author talks and book signings from the world of fashion, food, literature and more.

Tickets at £5, will include freshly baked madeleines, Monmouth coffee and Joe's own special JOSEPH rare tea blend.

Event details will be updated here: Spoon blog

If you want to see how the fashion crowd do it, more pictures can be found here: Sara Ferrero and Katie Grand host at Joe's

Thank you for dining with us!

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