Monday, 22 August 2011

al fresco dining?

Are you joining us for lunch?
The wonderful thing about when we actually experience summer in the UK is the possibility of eating outside.

Pork saltimbocca, is something that has had the nod of approval from our family for over 20 years and it is so so delicious and so easy, it makes for a perfect Sunday lunch.
Pork Saltimbocca is so easy it doesn't need much explaining...just a few pictures to tell its story.

Slice up a nice piece of pork tenderloin into slices
Using a heavy instrument, bash at the cut slices to flatten
Cut up pieces of bacon and place on top of the pork medallions
Press both sides into a plain flour/salt/pepper mix
Press a sage leaf onto each medallion and cover again with some flour mixture
Add each medallion one at a time sage side down into an oiled high heat pan
Brown both sides
Use a white wine that you have in the house -we used Rose
Pour a hearty glug of wine into the pan - turn the heat down a little
Add a knob of butter and allow the sauce to reduce
Prepare some mashed potato - using butter, salt, pepper, chives and splash of milk to mash
Prepare some summer coloured vegetables
Serve up and finish with some chopped parsley, salt and pepper
Tuck in!


Lorna said...

I absolutely love this and am certainly going to give it a go. I will let you know how I get on....thank you

Lorna said...

Natalie, I did make this absolutely gorgeous dish and my most vocal critic Chad had seconds! That is certainly saying something. Thank you so much for sharing, definitely going into my 'all time favourites' book.

Natalie said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad...I have been enjoying it for years. I'm the one in the photo eating it at age 6!! ha ha