Wednesday, 24 August 2011

gin + tonic jelly

G and T with a twist...

Got my Bombay what?
 ...a gelatine twist!

Fine Leaf Gelatine

If you're not careful it will knock you sideways.

At 15 years old I announced that I would prepare my parents their anniversary meal. I took over the kitchen for the whole day. I screamed bloody murder at my mother, if she so much as peeped around the door. I made up the dining room table. I acted as Head Chef and Maitre D. The first year, I made for starter, a 'Sugar Club' spinach, avocado, pancetta salad with homemade croutons, for main, a Nigel Slater chicken casserole, and for pudding, Jamie Oliver chocolate pots and 'Sugar Club' shallow fried biscuits. The second year, I can't remember what starter I made (!), for main, a Delia Smith's green Thai chicken curry, and for pudding, Nigella Lawson's gin and tonic jelly and florentines.

My parents were so impressed, they were hoping for a third year in a row, but I was so exhausted, I thought I'd leave it there as an iconic memory (best not to overdo these acts of kindness!). It took 3 batches of the florentines before I got them right, and I spoiled them with a choice of white, milk and dark chocolate Lindt toppings. BUT, the main pièce de résistance was the jelly. Back then I made a little mistake and got the quantities slightly mixed up, leaving my parents in a hysterical sloshed haze (perhaps this is why they raved about my efforts?) and they marvelled at how the tonic retained its fizz (this only works very fresh). However you like to look at it, it is such a fun fun easy pudding to make and can be sure to impress pretty much everyone, or at least get them drunk enough into thinking so!

I've noticed there seems to be a little blue and yellow colour scheme running...

Golden wobbly jewelled magic
It went deliciously well with the crunch of the florentines, but it equally loves the creaminess of a good ice-cream to catch the punch of the alcohol.

Extremely simple to follow and make

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