Tuesday, 16 August 2011

nat's fave sultana cake

'Don't undermine the cake Natalie'
This is what food is all about, if you haven't already realised by the way I rant on. Real food. Real good food. Real good food that works time and time again comes from the home, from generations, from family, from your mother. Chefs can tell you all you like, but we have years of experience. Years of our own expertise thank you very much.

I'm home again and my mother shouted up the stairs...
'Nats, I've made your favourite cake...'
'What...the Victoria sponge one?'
'The walnut one?'
'Well which bloody one then!!?'
Open up and thee shall find...
Ok, she had reason to think so
There has been so much food I like, and talk about, I've lost count. I've been told so many times over the years not to undermine the cake that has been put down in front of us. It's somehow more enjoyable though. Have you ever done it? Rather than cut a proper slice, you cut a little bit here and a little bit there. You cut from the underbelly. You pick at the top! I once ruined a Christening cake my mother had made for someone else when I was 4 because I picked at the icing and lettering as it awaited transportation. Woops. But on entering the kitchen, aaah, yes. I do remember and the proof is in the Kitchen notes. A lot of the family favourites are in here. Ones that have been scribbled down over the years. Cook books spilling over with cut outs. Grubby finger marks and ingredient splatters. But here it is...'Nat's fave sultana cake.' It's in writing so I can't argue! I'll just silently back down and quietly eat a slice...

Not much left now...


Anonymous said...

Eeerrrr...Recipe please! I can't read ya ma's handwriting

Natalie said...

ha ha...i'm now used to it now!

Soak 1/2 Ib sultanas in water - bring to the boil and drain.

Mix with 4 oz marge to melt on heat
add 6 oz caster sugar
2 small beaten eggs

-add 6oz self-raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp almond essence
and 1oz ground almonds

Pour batter into 7inch square tin or 8inch round

30 mins @ 180 degree celcius
then 20 mins @ 150