Friday, 19 August 2011


It's hummus o'clock

I lived off a lot of hummus when I first moved up to London 5 years ago, which, at 600 calories a pot, might have contributed to my weight gain at the time (that and the treat tubs from M&S!). Apparently it seems that moving to a city equates to losing all sense of how to prepare a proper meal and look after oneself. When did this obsession with hummus begin? Suddenly heavy dense pots were cropping up on every desk of the female population. It was all my brain could comprehend in preparing as a snack. I too joined the back of the long winding queues in M&S on my sparse lunch break whilst working in fashion. Now the thought of the thick wet porridge like cement that most of the supermarkets offer up make me feel queasy. I don't think I can go back.

...please don't make me go back!

I haven't voluntarily chosen to have hummus for a very long time.

I have mentioned the Rainforest Creations one, but if you wish to serve up a little pre dinner snack, are intending to share and are not trying to drain the entire pot alone, then you should use a fork and make up your own.

Once you taste the flavours in homemade, you'll wonder what you have been doing (did you hear that little one with your Matzo crackers? I know you're listening!).

A few notes from my mother:

Basis: mashed chickpeas or cannellini beans, evoo, s and p, lemon juice, garlic, freshly ground cumin

Extras: tsp or so grated onion, tahini paste (if poss) cayenne, alternative: add coriander, lime juice instead of lemon

Options are endless. Read packets in Waitrose for ideas..they have one with red pepper in-throw in herbs you have left over

You might need a bit of water to slacken off if too thick, but don’t want it watery or too runny.

Fork top and add on top odd no of chickpeas (odd always looks better!) and evoo to go in grooves and paprika

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Ashley said...

ok I'm listening but you gotta admit I did, after many taste tests, find the best one! I still miss it!