Monday, 8 August 2011

back with a bang?

Bulgar wheat, pomegranate seed, feta salad

To say my being back in London has run without any glitches would be a lie.

...but to say I've remained impeccably calm throughout would be absolutely SPOT ON!

I'm not sure entirely what has happened, it might have been Southern Italian island living, but I am currently living a very stress free life...

I saw 'Bridesmaids' the other day and a phrase was said, that sounded like it was from my own mouth

'you are the problem, but you are also the solution'

Before I talk about food, let me share some wisdom with you...

In the two weeks that I have been back a few 'unfortunate' happenings have occurred:
  1. I suffered a hypoglycemic attack when I arrived at Gatwick
  2. I suffered another hypoglycemic attack when I finally got home
  3. I missed my bus
  4. I decided to walk on from bus stop and my bus zoomed past
  5. My happy manicure has since ruined every single finger
  6. My iPhone camera (my livelihood) has broken
  7. I overheated on the train to work and almost fainted
  8. I left my shopping in a cafe
  9. I got rained on without an umbrella
  10. I have had invisalign braces fitted
  11. A girl tumbled out of the bus door as we departed the bus stop
  12. I saw a girl collapsed in front of the bus, with an ambulance near by
  13. Two cars crashed into each other on a quiet corner
  14. Two cars almost crashed into each other on the same quiet corner
These are all things we deal with on a daily basis.

Did it dampen my spirits?...No
Did it stress me out?...No
Did I think it was a sign?...No
Did I think I was an unlucky person?...No
Did I think 'oh why has this happened to me?'...No
Did I recognise it was unfortunate? did I let it ruin my day...No, I moved on
Was I late for anything as a result?...NO, in fact I was on time

This is how I reacted:
  1. I recognised the signs early and calmly bought myself a coca cola without causing a scene
  2. I walked back calmly and quietly and got on with making wholemeal pasta at 2am
  3. I thought 'oh well, it won't make a difference' I'll start walking
  4. I thought 'well I'm almost there now'
  5. I've learnt a lesson not to go back there and I've also learnt how to treat burnt skin
  6. It's ok, I'm in no rush to take photos, I'll take it to get fixed when I have time.  A blog can wait
  7. I warned my work. I sat down for 10 minutes and took time to cool down. Things can wait. The world can continue without me for a few moments
  8. I ran back laughing at my lost head and the waitress had also run out to find me. All was well. My shopping was there. A customer sitting next to me had handed it in
  9. I also soon dried off
  10. I could have worried about my social life but not many can see them, 10 months goes quickly and I'll be the one with straight teeth!
  11. I saw if there was anything I could help with but she was alright enough to get back up, run after the bus and shout at the bus driver
  12. I recognised a sad moment, but there was nothing I could do, I was on another bus, and the situation was being taken care of, I hoped she would be ok
  13. I observed it from a table, as did others, but they both got out the car and exchanged details
  14. They avoided it with an inch to spare

In the past I have allowed 'unfortunate' things to completely take over and rule the order of the day. As the first little bit of adrenaline circulates and hits your stomach, and anxiety invades every cell of your brain and body, suddenly, no matter what you do, one is late for everything and 'everything' goes wrong...

The truth is...'shit happens.'

It can't be 'normal' all the time. Bad things do happen, but so do good things. We are always so quick to forget the little good things that happen and love to talk about the bad things. If things aren't just normal then we love to stamp it (either good or bad) as some greater meaning or 'sign.' Perhaps we should stop exhausting ourselves and instead take the time to enjoy a beautiful moment or happy coincidence, just as we should accept a little unfortunate happening and move on.

There were some good things too:
  1. I walked past M.I.A in the street with her child
  2. I randomly bumped into a friend I had thought about a lot recently and had wanted to see
  3. A rather large red wine stain was removed from my dress
  4. I met up with my new friend that I traveled to Naples with from meeting at 4.30am on Clapham Junction station
  5. I picked up a penny (heads up)
  6. A funny coincidence happened involving two friends who didn't know each other, a brother, a photo and a festival
  7. By sharing my mistakes/learnings and 'wisdom' I helped a few friends with their worries
  8. A builder dropped a hammer off a lorry and since I was walking past I picked it up and gave it back, he smiled with surprise and said thank you. It made my day that I made his day
  9. I offered my seat (actually thinking that if I endured the journey standing up then I might faint). The lady thanked me, and said that I had probably had a more tiring day and refused the offer
  10. I've laughed 'a lot' to the point that I considered having a brain tumour for the feeling of drunkeness I was experiencing when only having had sparkling water
  11. My friends and I were bought a bottle of champagne on a Sunday afternoon. No hidden agenda. No expectations.
  12. I've enjoyed everyday. The good, the bad, and the ugly
These are the last photos I took before my camera broke 2 weeks ago. I am sorting out the problem today (hopefully).

This is all I dreamt about when I was in Italy. These are the flavours that I was craving to have again as soon as I touched down in London. I was desperate for some sharp feta cheese, the burst of sweetness from a pomegranate seed popping in your mouth, the substantial headiness of bulgar wheat and a flash of mint. My favourite salad from a firm favourite food place 'The Grocer on...' created by the New Zealand duo behind the 'Sugar Club.' If you find yourself on the move and hungry on the King's Road in Chelsea or Elgin Crescent in Notting Hill then please take the time to pop in and eat. They do the best carrot cake too and the best crispy flakey croissant (but they did take one of the Sugar Club chefs with them).

Some bakery goods


Some New Zealand candy
My favourite pomegranate salad
Deliciously artisan sandwiches

Candies looking elegant

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