Monday, 15 August 2011

wrap run

You can look but don't touch!

Do you like Saturdays?
...I do.

What does it for you? A coffee / newspaper combo...James Martin on Saturday Kitchen...sleep until 12.30pm??? 

After the Monday-Friday tug of war with alarm clocks and time keeping, one is finally allowed to act like a lady of leisure and get some good loitering in before the weekend is out. I mostly improvise, but a recurring theme in the little play of my perfect day, is most definitely a run (as you can see by the attire) and if I can try and make it to the Duke of York Square market, it is the rainbow roti wrap from the Rainforest Creations stand.

A picture of health
This is SERIOUSLY good. I've tried a few things (ok...a lot of things) at the market...the pie, the gnocchi, the burger, the chorizo roll, the thai curry, the (fizzy) aubergine-not so good. I've cut at cheese. I've had a cookie. I've circulated and circulated until the stall workers look close to asking me to leave, but after a long long time, I can't shake this one off...I daren't try anything new. It pretty much covers everything I am looking for.

Box or roti?
Perfection being created

The cornmeal, lentil and wholegrain flour wrap seems to have a texture, after warming, somewhere in between a wholemeal pitta and a pancake and works as the most wonderfully comforting duvet sealer to a vibrant, tasty insulation. I've had the rainbox 'box' and after many tastings, it doesn't quite do it for me like the wrap. If I'm hungover, I crave the wrap. If I'm just hungry, I want the wrap. If I want to be healthy, I want the wrap. Whatever mood I'm in, I want the wrap. It's filling. It's delicious. It's colourful. Think tropical coleslaw, wild rice, lentils, chickpeas, avocado. WAIT. Don't get put off. Even the skeptics like it. Believe me. I've imposed it on most people.

Best hummus that you can buy by the pot
All there is left to do is find yourself standing in front of the Nick's fine foods stall and pick up the best brownie in London. Another array of delights. Carrot cake, date and walnut cake, mini lemon meringue pies, sometimes rhubarb, olive oil and lemon cake. The brownie though, was my hot topic at one point. I talked and talked about it and bored people to death. I raved about it so much that one weekend my friend played my own conversation back to me, as if she discovered it...I exclaimed in excitement, thinking she shared my exact reasoning, but alas, I had told her the week before...

'have you tried it?' 'oooh, you can tell that the raspberries have obviously been swirled in just at the last moment' 'I don't usually like fruit and chocolate together' 'the texture is amazing' 'this is the best brownie I've ever had' 'much better than that Flour Power City one'

Melt your worries away

Now go and find a good spot -I call shot gun outside The Saatchi Gallery. Sit. People watch. Enjoy.

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Ashley said...

This post is 100% perfect and absolutely true! Speaking as someone who hit the Duke of York market every Saturday for the 3.5 yrs I lived in London I cannot agree more!The wraps is really THAT wonderful and the brownie...well it might be life changing!