Friday, 8 July 2011

abbiamo fatto una passeggiata

Strolling down the path
Hot country = different way of life.

Mediterranean hot country = different way of life.

Italy = something else.

Views of Castello Aragonese

Where are all the people hidden on a small island. Yes yes, a few are splattered on the beach and there are definitely some out on scooters, but when I stepped into town after lunch, there weren't very many to be seen at all. Shops are shut. The only people visible seemed confused by my determined pace, probably wondering where I could possibly be heading.

I wasn't sure either!

Views of the roof tops

I should have known before I left when I got a blank looking response.

'...I'm going to walk into town...'
'But now?...but it's too hot!...'

Beware of the dog!
Not to worry, he's simpatico!

So everyone is inside! Avoiding the sun. Avoiding the heat. Allowing their lunch to settle. I see I see.

Even the cat wants in on the action...


...after 7.30pm...

...or even after 8pm...well...all the peacocks emerge from their houses, age 8 to 80 and take a leisurely stroll into and around town. Talking to anyone and everyone who passes. People piled into the church peering behind shoulders. Teenagers hanging on the steps. Children playing by the water. Hand gestures everywhere. Shops alive and kicking. Restaurants seeing people to seats.

Town centre

This is the call of duty for most locals. Work is over. 

When you start to understand the leisurely stroll, you can start to understand the Italian relationship and ways with food...they take it all in their stride.

People piling into the church
Hub bub at the restaurants
Ischia film festival (Cleopatra, Talented Mr Ripley...)
Children playing at the water front
Would you like some nuts?
Some shells?
Or some vino?
'What have you been up to today!?'
'...erm, standing here!'
Hello to you too!
What are you looking at?
A sneak peak into a wedding party...
The walk was so good it deserved a rather big congratulations!

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