Wednesday, 6 July 2011

spaghetti or pizza?

Spaghetti pizza?

What do you do when you don't know what to have?

Pasta or Pizza?

Pizza or Pasta?

Well I have an idea!
Let's have them both rolled into one!


*This one is more for the kids...or people like me perhaps before a night out.

'Aspettare, aspettare....' (wait, hold on). Are you telling me you don't like carbs? If any carb haters come at me, I'll beat them off with a stick. Be away with you...ah...shoo. Here is something to surprise you. I have had a carbohydrate heavy diet for a week and a half AND I have eaten carne (meat) and listen up...I haven't gained weight...yet!

'Oh it must be because I eat too many carbs...or it must be because I eat protein as well...' girls love to utter when complaining of their weight.'s probably because you eat too much. Have too much of the bad fat. Don't do enough exercise and drink far too much. You do realise that a bottle of wine has just under 700 calories in it? (how many times does one show off about having one or two bottles of wine last night)...and you also realise that when you have alcohol, your body puts everything on hold to prioritise breaking that down FIRST. Alcohol in that quantity, is pure USELESS fat. There is niente (nothing) in it that is worth having. Useless, wasted calories. cut a long story short -as I've gone off on a little red herring- I haven't had any alcohol here!

So this is easy. Boil spaghetti to 'al dente,' then for 4 add 3 eggs, grated parmesan and torn up prosciutto. Then into a frying pan and finish off like an omelette. DONE. Eat with a knife and fork or cut into triangles and eat with your fingers like a pizza! FUN or what?

I also finally got to have slowly sauteed peppers done by nonna, that my mother learnt in the 80's. Cut up peppers into a frying pan with garlic and slowly cooked to soften them up to perfection. Finishing off with a glug of balsamic vinegar to caramelize further, and capers. There are lots and lots of caper trees here, as I was shown over by the 'Talented Mr Ripley' beach (yes part of it was filmed here).

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