Sunday, 24 July 2011

melanzane parmigiana + tiramisu

Melanzane Parmigiana with a little extra snack...little deep fried battered fish

You couldn't have two dishes more associated with Italy if you tried.

Melanzane parmigiana is one of my favourite meals and in England I'm always on the hunt for a good one. A well made one. Its nice and hearty, comforting, tasty, scrumptious and satisfying.

This one was made by la nonna, so of course it was good. She told me that you can make the 'ragu' sauce if you like, but if you want it traditionally without meat, then just make up the sauce, (sautee tomatoes with chopped onions, garlic, carrots and celery in oil). She then works the whole lot through a sieve, so to be left with a lovely smooth consistency like passata. She slices the aubergine up into thin slices and fries in in an oiled pan. When the aubergine slices are browned, take an oven proof dish and make up layers with the sauce, the aubergine slices, some sliced mozzarella and some grated parmesan. The tip I was then given, was to whisk up an egg and brush onto the top of the layer before continuing. Keep going until you finish. Then cook in an oven for 25-35 minutes, or until cooked through.


I also got some tiramisu. It has a bit of a bad rep in England, but when its done badly, it's a nightmare.

This wasn't!


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Anonymous said...

Only 2 of my FAVOURITE dishes! Look divine- and good eggy tip