Saturday, 9 July 2011

umberto a mare

Arcangelo exhibiting at Umberto a Mare

Restaurants don't get better than this.

Perched and overlooking the sea caught fresh in the morning and on your plate that evening
                 ...superb exquisite view of the sunset
                       ...the moon evolving and falling down slowly into the water, before it drops off the edge.

This also coupled with the launch of an exhibition by Italian artist Arcangelo, titled 'Segou,' makes for a pretty good party. Think boisterous large Italian families...think children running around...think women chatting together...think smoking looking glamorous and elegant...think an impromptu guitar and singing session...think artist Piero Pizzi Cannella joining in on the festivities...

...then add vino (wine) and lots of very very very good food...

The Church of Soccorso in Forio, Ischia

Umberto a Mare is situated in Forio, Ischia just by the Church of Soccorso. I'm told by my companion that the church (which dates back to 1350) has people travelling all over the world to get married in (mental note made).

Excellent view of the sunset from Umberto a Mare

Being English, not knowing much (or any really) Italian and sitting from 9pm to 2am amongst many Italians who only speak Italian could seem daunting for some, but I'd rather see myself as the happy observer. Watching. Enjoying. Eating. Tasting. If you relax, you can pick up the gist of what is going on and it is all far too entertaining to ever get bored!

Just smile and nod. Smile and nod. Smile and
...sorry, what did you say?
I didn't take any pictures of what we ate that night, but it involved... polpettine (meatballs) on radicchio, spaghetti and baby lobster, octopus and potato, chocolate fondant, semi-freddo with melanzane (yes aubergine) etc etc etc...

I did however, take some pictures from the week before.

A little trio of starters (fish polpettine, pumpkin/chocolate/octopus, marinated fish tartare)
Zitoni pasta, tuna, fresh tomato, peperoncini verdi aromatici 
Rare tuna steaks seared and finished with sesame seeds

Ravioli made with aubergine pulp, extra special ricotta

NO OIL used. Special special heat durable bag with the tastiest sweetest prawns

Fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish. You don't get better fish than here. You might as well have picked it out of the sea yourself if is so fresh. The food is a real mix of traditional Italian cooking juxtaposed with creations of experimentally crossed flavours (chocolate with pumpkin and octopus, pasta made with aubergine...aubergine in puddings) and haute cuisine.

It all works of course, to glorious effect!

The art was magnificent...
...but I love these mystical, colourful illustrative style drawings...

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