Saturday, 23 July 2011

a bite of celebrity

Does anyone look at the Daily Mail online showbiz column?


Well I do...

Well if you do, then you might recognise these recent images of celebrities sunning themselves in Ischia (where I'm staying).

Helena Christensen
Karolina Kurkova
Kelly Brook
They were all here for the Ischia film festival...but I wondered...where was this sunning spot they were all hanging out at...and after hearing that Gerard Butler was on the island, as was Trudie Styler, then when on earth was I going to bump into them??? Most of the paps got their shots on a Sunday -damn, I was in Capi that day. 

So I settled into another day at Giardino Eden. After a heavy day of swimming in the morning, I perched on the edge of the pool and just watched my little friends playing in the water. It was 4pm. I was in a daze. I was just staring over at the other pool.

Wait a minute...was that...did I just see Karolina Kurkova walk past?

                 ...and is that...Coco Sumner (and friend)?

                             ...and there goes Trudie Styler.

They're only all having a long leisurely lunch here...together...finally...I get to do a little bit of celebrity spotting!

Phew. That's pretty much covered my 2011 fix.

Next night. Tuesday night. I can't sleep that well. I'm restless. I wake up at 1.30am to this...

Coco Sumner's only giving a little 4 song performance next door, right in earshot.

So, no need for Daily Mail for a couple of days, as it's in my back garden!

I happened to find where they were all sunning themselves on my way to the Negombo thermal park in Lacco Ameno, and unfortunately I was too late, and instead of being mistaken for a celebrity, I fell FLAT on my face in front of the L'Albergo Della Regina Isabella (hotel where they were all staying), as my flowing indigo skirt got caught under my toe.

The rock in Lacco Ameno that looks like??? A MUSHROOM!

Is Kelly, Karolina or Helena there??

I relaxed for a day of sunbathing and after a lot of pasta, my body was hankering for some red meat. My pores were screaming out for red meat. I went with the craving and opted for the fillet steak.

Relax in the shade of the restaurant
Some San Pellegrino?
Some melon and prosciutto?
The much needed red meat!

Iron reloaded. Oxygen pumping again.

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