Saturday, 2 July 2011

vuoi mangiare qualcosa?

Let me start with a little song...

The nonno says ' look strong,' so it is up to me to help the canoes down of their high perch!

(This is not the last time someone will marvel at my non Italian and perhaps more Viking looks).

So...considering some mornings begin with a turbulent canoe ride through the waves, narrowly avoiding the roccia (rock), and across to the little spiaggia (beach) to dig up thermal pools in the sand, it is very thankful that I am in Italy, and that the Italians KNOW how to do caffeine. More specifically...COFFEE. I can start my day with a much needed energy boost.

Espresso in Ischia Ponte

It actually makes me feel a little ill thinking that most office workers in England drink the dreaded cremated stuff that goes by the name of Nescafe and that I have had a cup. The thought of the smell makes me quiver...shame on America for inventing Starbucks and butchering the art of coffee making, however stylish it looks when carried by the Olsen twins. The majority of Italian households do NOT have a kettle or any fancy quick - I've got no time for hanging about - appliance. So we are at the stove. We are using a macchinetta or 'Moka' pot. We are using Lavazza or we are using Kimbo. Ahhhh, time stands still here.

Latte Fresco
I'm used to this. My parents still have all their varying sized moka pots. Every morning my father's only task is to arrange the 3 parts together. First, to fill the bottom chamber with water. Then, to pile in a heaped pile of ground Lavazza coffee into middle part. Then to screw on the top. Once on the heat, the lid is left off until the coffee starts to strain through, then the lid is popped down as the tiny volcanic eruptions explode faster and faster upwards. My father does this so meticulously, and since men cannot do more than one thing at a time, he stands balancing his head against the wall pensively watching the entire process! They have a cappuccino (which by the way, should never then be drunk after 11am - no no no).

For breakfast, I make a 3 cup moka (so it's slightly longer) and have with delicious latte fresco (even milk is better here. sounds better. is creamier. is tastier) and then after lunch, or in the afternoon it's espresso, and in the evening a decaf espresso.

I'm addicted.


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Be careful without that handle!! Too hot to handle??!!