Friday, 1 July 2011

all paths lead to...

Molo Beverello, Naples

My aunt used to say 'If you were to fall down in a pile of shit, you'd come up smelling of roses!'

Now, while that isn't entirely true (it's not at all), there is something to be said for luck. People love to claim others to be 'lucky' when making up for their own misfortune, but only you can create your own luck.

My 'luck' or whatever you want to call it has brought me here, back to my birthplace (albeit for only 1 hour) to Molo Beverello, Naples, and then a 40 minute Aliscafi boat ride over to Ischia, where I will be for 1 month.

Aboard the Aliscafi boat

My 'luck' also started bright and early at 4.45am on the Sunday morning at Clapham Junction station. Worried sick that I wouldn't wake up, I then arrived far too early for the 5.09 train to Gatwick. Thank god the girl on the other side shouted over to inform me of the platform change. Thank also god that I like to chat, and that somehow a tightly squeezed bench of 3 girls, before dawn and sober does actually encourage conversation.

Within 15 minutes it turned out two of us were on the same flight to Naples. Within 30 minutes we both discovered our equal passion and quest for food. She, researching the Amalfi region cuisine and I, on a different kind of adventure but fitting gastronomy into it!

Ischia Porto

The three of us got each other to Gatwick, and to the back of a worryingly long queue, so then it was our money together that took us through speedy check in. We waved farewell to our new Polish friend, picked up our Euro's and boarded the flight, where we talked the entire way, much to the disapproval of the sour faced, tight lipped blonde in front of us (how can you be miserable when you and your boyfriend are off to Italy?? -what could be wrong?!).

After finding our respective buses we went our separate ways. As I was spat out at Molo Beverello (did I get off at the right spot, as it's looking a little bleak?), I found my next companion. So now, the girl from Beijing and I found our way to the boats, bought our ticket and shared the journey over to Ischia.

Ischia Porto

Thank god for people. Thank god for mouths. Thank god for speech and the art of talking - otherwise I could very well still be at Clapham Junction.

So here I am. Ischia, Italy. An island off Naples... WHERE'S my food????!!

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